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Information about: canonfeatures.ca
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TitleHome | Canon Features (view sites with similar title)
Description Canon Features Website
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Home | Canon Features. Canon Features. Canon.ca. Contact Us. Français. Search. Interchangeable Lens Cameras.
Pro DSLRs. See All Products. Advanced DSLRs. See All Products. Entry-Level DSLRs. See All Products.
Entry-Level Mirrorless. See All Products Digital.Point-and-Shoot. S & G Series. Advanced Capabilities See All Products.
SX Series. Super Zoom See All Products. ELPH Series. Compact & Smart See All Products. D Series.
Durable, All-Weather See All Products. A Series. Easy & Fun See All Products Video. Advanced High-Definition.
Advanced HD video See All Products. High Definition. Entry Level HD video See All Products.
Professional Video. Broadcast Camcorders See All Products. Cinema EOS. See All Products. EF Cinema Lenses.
(PL Mount) See All Products. EF Cinema Lenses. (EF Mount) See All Products Printers and.Multifunction.
Photo Printers. Photo All-in-One Professional Photo Inkjet Single Function Compact Photo Office All-in-One See All Products.
Laser & Copier Multifunction Printers. BW Laser & ...

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  1. Canon Features
  2. Canon.ca
  3. Contact Us
  4. Français
  5. Interchangeable Lens Cameras
  6. Pro DSLRs
  7. See All Products
  8. Advanced DSLRs
  9. See All Products
  10. Entry-Level DSLRs
  11. See All Products
  12. Entry-Level Mirrorless
  13. See All Products
  14. Digital Point-and-Shoot
  15. Advanced Capabilities
  16. See All Products
  17. Super Zoom
  18. See All Products
  19. Compact & Smart
  20. See All Products
  21. Durable, All-Weather
  22. See All Products
  23. Easy & Fun
  24. See All Products
  25. Video
  26. Advanced HD video
  27. See All Products
  28. Entry Level HD video
  29. See All Products
  30. Broadcast Camcorders
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  32. Cinema EOS
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  34. EF Cinema Lenses (PL Mount)
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  36. EF Cinema Lenses (EF Mount)
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  38. Printers and Multifunction
  39. Photo Printers
  40. Photo All-in-One
  41. Professional Photo Inkjet
  42. Single Function
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  44. Office All-in-One
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  46. Laser & Copier Multifunction Printers
  47. BW Laser & Copier Multifunction Printers
  48. Colour Laser & Copier Multifunction Printers
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  50. Large Format Printers
  51. 12-Colour Large Format
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  55. Small Office - Home Office
  56. Office All-in-One
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  58. Laser & Copier Multifunction Printers
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  73. New Features
  74. Interchangeable Lens Cameras
  75. Digital Point-and-Shoot
  76. Video
  77. Printers and Multifunction
  78. Small Office - Home Office
  79. Learn More
  80. Learn More
  81. Learn More
  82. Learn More
  83. Learn More
  84. Learn More
  85. WiFi PowerShot
  86. Canon’s new High Sensitivity System shines in low-light situations by enhancing image quality while helping to minimize noise. Whether it’s twilight, indoors or shooting at a distance, you can get pictures that are sharp and clear. Just imagine the spectacular shots you can capture at the next big concert. By combining a powerful CMOS sensor and Canon's DiG!C 5 Image Processor, the HS System makes PowerShot cameras dramatically more sensitive than those with identical megapixel counts. Great shots in low-light – now that’s a really bright idea.
  87. The next generation of Canon's legendary DiG!C processor is designed to take your pictures to the next level. By reducing noise and correcting white balance, it further increases the accuracy of colour under a multitude of light sources. Capturing stunningly sharp images has never been so easy.
  88. With an incredible 6 types of image stabilization, Canon's new Intelligent IS System brings a whole new level of control to your photos and movies. Whether you're chasing after the action or capturing an incredible close-up, it's there to ensure every image you capture is crisp and sharp.
  89. Personalize, organize and share your memories. Now your stunning photos and HD videos can live on in your own online album. When you sign up for CANON iMAGE GATEWAY you get 10GB of free storage space that lets you create your own album to share with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Simply shoot, share and be social!
  90. The new VIXIA Wi-Fi® enabled camcorders are made for sharing. Whether you’re sending wedding videos to faraway relatives or keeping your friends on track with your travels, VIXIA helps you share your videos as they happen. Post to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter without wires or worries thanks to built-in Wi-Fi® capabilities.
  91. EOS-1D X
  92. PowerShot D20
  93. PowerShot G1-X
  94. PIXMA PRO 1
  95. Shop direct for all things Canon. With same day shipping and a massive collection of Canon products and accessories, the Canon eStore is the convenient way to shop.
  96. From macro to telephoto, Canon has everything you need to capture your moments as you see them.
  97. Privacy Policy

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